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Director of the Growford Institute Viktor Proshkin joined the jury of a special project for the best journalistic investigation in the electricity market.

This is informed by the press service of the “High Standards of Journalism” award.

This year, there will be a special project “For the best journalistic investigation of abuse and corruption in the electricity market” as part of the award “High Standards of Journalism-2021”.

Long, short lists and winners will be chosen by an expert group, which includes:

Ivan Bondarchuk – Advisor to LCF Law Firm, Head of Energy Practice, Energy Law LL.M.

Oleksii Orzhel – Ex-Minister of Energy and Environmental Protection of Ukraine, Member of the Supervisory Board of the Office for Effective Regulation (BRDO)

Oleh Polishchuk – Member of the Board of the National Association of Anti-Corruption Compliance

Viktor Proshkin – director of the Growford Institute, Independent Non-Governmental Institute, a consultant on GR and PR, a political scientist, and an expert on legislative and economic issues.

The main goal of the special project is to increase the number of objective, analytical materials about the work of the electricity industry in the media and to draw public attention to the activities of the electricity market since Ukraine’s fuel and energy complex has been and remains under political and oligarchic influence and is one of the most corrupt sectors of the Ukrainian economy.