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The Growford Institute completed a joint study with experts of the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies on the problems of the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine and the National Recovery Plan.

The Growford Institute has completed a joint study with experts of the Vienna Institute for ...

Support for the State in “Diia”

How to motivate Ukrainians to buy military bonds The Ministry of Digital Transformation never stops making pleasant ...

New Realities of Ukraine’s Tax Policy 

What should Ukraine improve in implementing European tax practices? Due to being granted official status as ...

Medium-Term Benchmarks for Public Expenditure Policy 

Tackling the destructive consequences of war and creating conditions for Ukraine’s sustainable development in a ...

Why Has Interest in Military Bonds Fallen

What impact the decisions of the National Bank of Ukraine have on the country’s defense. While society was breaking ...

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Is to study and formulate a systematic visions of global economic trends and advocate for policy solutions that will help advance Ukraine and close the gap between her and developed nations.

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GROWFORD Institute is an independent non-governmental think tank that undertakes global research in the areas of finance, economics and trade, assesses systemic risks, and recommends optimal public and private policies for economic development and growth in regions, countries, and the world.
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Analysis of monetary and exchange rate policy of central banks and the state of money markets.
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