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Ukraine’s Balance of Payments: Drastic Changes During the War

Inflation rates in Ukraine are still significantly higher than in the USA and the EU ...

How Much Does the High Key Policy Rate of the National Bank of Ukraine Cost the Budget?

The increase of the key policy rate by the NBU Board from June 3 had a weak ...

OPINION: Ukraine’s Economic Results of 2022 and Prospects for 2023

More than 20% of the population of Ukraine has been below the poverty line as a result of ...

A crash Test of the 10-10-10 Reform

Tetiana Koshchuk Growford Institute expert in tax issues  In the conditions of the war in ...

Illegal cigarette trade in Ukraine, the EU and Moldova: what will come next?

Tetiana Koshchuk, Growford Institute expert in tax issues The State Statistics Service of Ukraine has published the information that the price of a pack ...

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Is to study and formulate a systematic visions of global economic trends and advocate for policy solutions that will help advance Ukraine and close the gap between her and developed nations.

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GROWFORD Institute is an independent non-governmental think tank that undertakes global research in the areas of finance, economics and trade, assesses systemic risks, and recommends optimal public and private policies for economic development and growth in regions, countries, and the world.
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Analysis of monetary and exchange rate policy of central banks and the state of money markets.
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