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The priority is to study global financial and economic processes affecting Ukraine, assess threats and new opportunities and identify optimal ways for rapid innovative development of the country.


Visual display of global financial and economic processes

Cyclically-adjusted primary balances (CAPBs) and fiscal impulses in Ukraine and country groups

Public expenditure on health care in emerging market and post-socialist economies as a % of GDP, 2017-2019 average

Public investments in Ukraine versus emerging market countries and country average as a % of GDP in 2019

Fiscal Rescue Packages in Ukraine and Groups of Countries by Main Components as of March 2021

Dynamics of emerging market sovereign bonds market rates in February 2020 – June 2021, % per annum

General government fiscal overall balance and general government debt in the country groups and specific countries as a % of GDP

Income of non-residents with the source of their origin from Ukraine

GDP vs assets controlled by residents of Ukraine as of 2020

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